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5 November 2020

Neuroma: A diagnosis often missed

We'll be discussing traumatic neuroma: What is it, what causes it, and how to diagnose and treat this painful condition in the peripheral nerves arising from surgery or trauma.

Nerve injury and neuroma

Webinar: 30 minutes and live Q&A with Dr Mackay
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3 december 2020

Holiday hand injuries

From 'avocado hand' to oyster shell cuts, lacerations from sharp kitchen knives, stray backyard cricket balls, and rogue gardening tools, summer holidays are a potentially dangerous time for hands. What can we expect to see and treat?

Holiday hand injuries

Webinar: 30 minutes including live Q&A with Dr Mackay. We'd love to hear your stories of past experiences with holiday hand injuries so please share them with us:
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Complexities of hand injury management

We'll be discussing non-surgical considerations when dealing with hand injuries. In addition, we'll explore the post-operative management of hand surgery.

Complexities of hand injury management

Webinar: 30 minutes + live Q&A with Dr Mackay
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MEDICOLEGAL - Permanent Impairment in the Hand

Why do some injuries constitute a large PI and others are minimal? Dr Cam Mackay will discuss some case examples and how impairment adds up. Please note: This is NOT an instructional video on how to use The Guides.

MEDICOLEGAL - Permanent Impairment in the Hand

Webinar: 30 minutes including Q&A
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Ganglions in The Hand

What they are and how to treat them (hint: not with a bible)

Ganglions in the Hand

Webinar: 30 min with a chance to ask questions
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Return to work in hand injury management

Sometimes the most challenging aspect of hand injury management is not the injury itself. Management and timing of return to work is cruical to optimal outcome. In this Webinar Dr Cam Mackay discusses some strategies he uses to help injured workers.

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